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Specialist Services

Cooling Water

All cooling towers operated in the UK are treated to the Health & Safety Executives HSC-L8 Standard.

This Standard covers the requirement for the safe operation of such systems and requires that every cooling tower operator / owner carries out a thorough Risk Assessment on the likelihood of Legionella bacteria growing in the system, and being disseminated from that system.

Waterwide have developed a regime which fully complies with the requirements of the Standard HSC – L8 and which has been audited on numerous occasions by the HSE and local authority inspectors.

The first section of HSC – L8 defines the management systems which need to be in put in place in order to comply with the Standard which is enforceable under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 .

Section Two defines the method by which cooling water systems should be operated and maintained.

Steam Raising Plant

Steam raising plant in the UK is generally governed by the British Standard BS2486 (1997). Waterwide supply water treatment chemicals and technical service programs to ensure that compliance to this standard is met.

Typically, oxygen scavengers, sludge conditions, dispersants and condensate line corrosion inhibitors are incorporated within the treatment program. There are a vast variety of products available within each of these categories and Waterwide's aim is to ensure that clients get the best water treatment information available, matching up carefully selected products and services to suit specific site operating conditions.

Effluent Treatment

Waterwide provide a comprehensive range of products designed to assist in waste water clarification.

These include cracking agents, coagulants, flocculants and Polyelectrolytes.

A free on site survey is offered to prospective clients in order to devise a strategic approach which ensures compliance with the relevant discharge standards and budgetary arrangements.

Waterwide can carry out on site treatability studies which allow effluent treatment programs to be devised and optimised on site and during real time discharge. Additionally, laboratory investigations can also be carried out on effluent samples.

Hot and Cold Down Water Services

It is a requirement in the UK, that all building owners / operators / managers undertake a risk assessment on the water supplies being used in a building.

This typically covers hot and cold down water services, ornamental features, spas, pools etc. This is required by The Health & Safety Executive in their ACOP document HSC-L8, which specifically covers the control of Legionella bacteria in water systems.

As part of Waterwide's services to its clients, we undertake full risk assessment surveys to determine risk status associated with such systems. Waterwide provides a fully comprehensive documentation system which allows the client to demonstrate monitoring and control in all areas covered by the assessment.