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Newsletter Archive

Here you can browse back through our past newsletters to pick up information on topics associated with the water treatment industry such as legionella, corrosion and water supply regulations. You will need Adobe Reader to view the full documents. Left click the link to view the newsletter in your browser or right click to save to your hard drive.

Issue 20     531kbClick here to download Adobe Reader

  • Boiler water treatment
  • Saving money with a heat recovery system
  • Inexpensive water softener monitoring
  • Iron in condensate returns. Click here to view/download.

Issue 19     485kb

  • Waterwide gains Safe Contractor Approved Status
  • The control of legionella - Who is responsible?
  • Waterwide's committments to its clients.
  • Personnel Profile - Waterwide's Health & Safety Officer

Issue 18     456kb

  • The risk associated with spray in cooling towers
  • Inexpensive water softener monitoring
  • Biofilm
  • Waterwide company profile

Issue 17     498kb

  • Legionella in spa pools
  • Waterwide reporting systems
  • Personnel Profile - One of our field engineers
  • Water treatment quiz - test your knowledge

Issue 16     495kb

  • Downwater services risk assessment
  • Microbiological monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Legionella in hot water systems

Issue 15     519kb

  • Cleaning and chlorination of caravan park water storage tanks
  • Microbiological monitoring
  • Legionella - The facts
  • Technical forum - Legionella in spa pools

Issue 14     292kb

  • The risk associated with spray in cooling water towers
  • Legionella in the environment, Legionella in hot water systems and Legionella update
  • HSC-L8 facts
  • Water contaminants - iron
  • Biofilm
  • Personnel profiles

Issue 13     256kb

  • Legionella at home and abroad
  • Boiler inspections
  • Cooling water technical services
  • Water contaminants - Calcium and magnesium
  • Technical forum - Heat transfer from steam
  • Inexpensive water softener monitoring
  • 'Natural' mineral water

Issue 12     274kb

  • MOT for buildings
  • Legionella Guidance
  • Improve your effluent quality
  • Waterwide cooling water control unit
  • Faulty ball floats
  • Techinical forum - Money down the drain
  • Chlorine demand
  • Crossword

Issue 11     292kb

  • Microbiologically Induced Corrosion
  • Legionella Guidance
  • Fungi in Glycol treated water
  • Iron fouling in base exchange resins
  • A - Z of Water
  • Cooling tower spray nozzles
  • Crossword

Issue 10     248kb

  • Biocide Product Directive
  • Pre-treatment failure
  • The terse history of water softening
  • Technical forum - Iron in the condensate return
  • Protection of copper
  • Stored water tank design
  • Test your water treatment knowledge

Issue 9     39kb

  • New code of conduct for water treatment companies
  • Dip slide incubators
  • Microbiological monitoring in hot and cold down water services
  • Technical forum - The importance of monitoring chloride

Issue 8     72kb

  • New HSE guidance
  • Waterwide documentation wins approval
  • Did you know....?
  • Technical forum - Maintaining cooling water quality

Issue 7     54kb

  • Environmental water monitoring
  • Home market and export information
  • Microbiological monitoring
  • Technical forum - Online cleaning of a heating system

Issue 6     53kb

  • Waterwide on the move
  • New cooling water inhibitor
  • Series 400 Cooling Water Control Unit
  • Technical forum - Cleaning and disinfection of cooling systems
  • Oxygen solubility in water

Issue 5     102kb

  • Low cost cooling water controller
  • Cleaning up old heating systems
  • Proportional metering
  • Technical forum - The quick guide to boiler water treatment

Issue 4     81kb

  • Money down the drain?
  • Ammendment to BS2790 for shell boilers
  • Did you know...?
  • Technical forum - Non oxidising versus oxidising biocides (Part 2)
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Low odour amine inhibitor

Issue 3     85kb

  • Going digital with our photography
  • Domestic water quality and HS(G) 70
  • Bromination
  • Technical forum - Non oxidising versus oxidising biocides (Part 1)

Issue 2     81kb

  • Waterwide goes on the internet
  • Closed system dosing
  • Shutting down a boiler for summer
  • Technical forum - Oxygen pitting

Issue 1     61kb

  • New product profile - Deruster 84
  • Sample coolers
  • Cattle market waste clean-up
  • Condensate line protection
  • Flooded suction prevents air locking